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Rig Inspection

Rig Inspection

TRE is a well-known for its comprehensive rig inspection services and committed to deliver the services at the highest inspection standards. We have successfully completed hundreds of inspections for Offshore/Onshore Rigs as our experience and expertise provide us the prestige in the industry.

With more than 1,000 projects completed for the oil and gas industry, we offer you experience, expertise, specialized engineers, and technicians. We are the first choice of many of drilling contractors around the globe.

TRE offer Rig Inspection packages are conducted in line with international standards and regulations as well as fully incorporating any client specific standards. We perform inspection as per API, British, LOLER and others. Rig inspection packages may include from the following areas.

  • Derrick Inspection
  • Drilling handling tools
  • Dropped objects surveys
  • Pedestal and Crawlers Cranes on a Rig
  • Forklift
  • Loose Lifting Gears
  • Pad eyes, beams and other fixed lifting items
  • Baskets, skips, gas racks, lifting frames (CCU’s)
  • Magnetic particle inspection, Eddy Current (MPI/NDT/ET)
  • Lifeboat/Life rafts davits and deployment systems
  • UT Gauging on high pressure lines and high-pressure vessels

TRE inspection reports are prepared in accordance with the international reporting standards as well as it meets the client’s specific requirements.


Technical Royal Excellence Oil & Gas Consultancy (TRE) has the same aim which is to provide a better future of the UAE.

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