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Testing Services

Crane Load Testing

Crane Load Testing Services

We perform load testing of onshore/offshore cranes by using water bags, test weights or testing barge. We have repeatedly load tested on of the world biggest offshore crane with SWL of 5000 Ton by using test barges. We have done Crane load testing of 2500 Ton by using test barge several times. We offer load testing services to different client to facilitate them. We offer load testing for Lift boat davits by using water bags.

Pad Eye Testing

Pad Eye Testing

Technical Royal Excellence offers pad eye proof load testing services up to 60 tons using our pad eye testing machines and personnel. Pad eye testers are used in instances where the pad eye is deck mounted, attached to an equipment basket, in a hard to reach location, inaccessible or with limited headroom to allow for the use of water bags. Perform pad eye load testing in vessels, Rigs and barges or any other structure.

Bollard Pull Test

Bollard Pull Test

TRE offer bollard pull testing to its valued client including the arrangements for tugboats and supply vessels.


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