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Rental Services

Test Weights Rental

Test Weights Rental

Technical Royal Excellence offers calibrated solid test weights for the load testing of lifting equipment, plant, and machinery. TRE offers very competitive and comprehensive rates for the test weight rentals.

  • Total stock of over 100 tons test weights
  • Individual calibrated test weights start at 20 kg up to 20-ton weights
  • Load cells up to 100 ton.
  • Delivery throughout the UAE onshore/offshore sites.
Water Bag for Load Testing Rental

Water Bag Rental

Technical Royal Excellence offers variety of water bags manufactured as per international standards for crane / davits / gangway load testing to our valued customers.

  • 5 Ton Water Bag
  • 10 Ton Water Bag
  • 15 Ton Water Bag
  • 35 Ton Water Bag
  • 50 Ton Water Bag
  • 100 Ton Water Bag

Rental of Load Links

Technical Royal Excellence offers a wide range of Load cells readily available for rental for crane load testing. We provide the load cell with high accuracy and one of the finest quality load cell int the world.

  • Available from 5Ton to 100 Ton
  • Range of upto 500 Meters
  • Suitable to be used with all major Shackle Manufacturers including Van
  • Beest, Crosby and GN
  • Safety Factor of 5:1
  • Accuracy < 0.5% of applied load
  • Matched handheld telemetry display
  • Every unit is load tested and certified
  • Designed and manufactured by LMS, UK
  • Suitable for all industry sectors including marine, offshore and sub sea

Technical Royal Excellence Oil & Gas Consultancy (TRE) has the same aim which is to provide a better future of the UAE.

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