Testing Services

Crane Load Testing Services

We perform load testing of onshore/offshore cranes by using water bags, test weights or testing barge. We have repeatedly load tested on of the world biggest offshore crane with SWL of 5000 Ton by using test barges. We have done Crane load testing of 2500 Ton by using test barge several times. We offer load testing services to different client to facilitate them. We offer load testing for Lift boat davits by using water bags.

Pad Eye Testing

Technical Royal Excellence offers pad eye proof load testing services up to 60 tons using our pad eye testing machines and personnel. Pad eye testers are used in instances where the pad eye is deck mounted, attached to an equipment basket, in a hard to reach location, inaccessible or with limited headroom to allow for the use of water bags. Perform pad eye load testing in vessels, Rigs and barges or any other structure.

Bollard Pull Test

TRE offer bollard pull testing to its valued client including the arrangements for tugboats and supply vessels.

Wire Rope Destruction

Destructive testing of steel wire ropes is an essential procedure for assessing the integrity and performance of these critical components used in heavy lifting and rigging operations. At TRE, this testing involves subjecting the steel wire ropes to extreme conditions until they fail, which helps determine their breaking strength, fatigue life, and overall durability. By understanding the precise limits and failure points, TRE ensures that the ropes can handle the demanding environments typical in the oil and gas industry. This process not only identifies potential weaknesses but also verifies that the ropes meet the stringent safety standards required for operations involving cranes and rigs.

TRE’s commitment to safety and reliability is reflected in our meticulous approach to destructive testing. Each test provides invaluable data that informs the design, manufacturing, and maintenance of our steel wire ropes, allowing us to deliver products that our clients can trust. By pushing our products to their limits, we ensure that they perform flawlessly under real-world conditions, reducing the risk of unexpected failures and enhancing the safety of our clients’ operations. This dedication to quality and safety helps TRE maintain its reputation as a leading service provider in the oil and gas sector.

Wire Rope Socketing

Wire rope socketing is a critical process that ensures the secure termination of steel wire ropes, which is essential for their performance in heavy lifting and rigging operations. At TRE, we employ advanced socketing techniques to attach sockets to the ends of wire ropes, using either molten zinc or high-strength resin compounds. This process involves carefully preparing the rope’s end, fitting the socket, and then pouring the compound, which hardens to form a solid and reliable connection. This method not only ensures a secure termination but also maintains the rope’s structural integrity and load-bearing capacity.

At TRE, we understand that the reliability of wire rope terminations is crucial for safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry. Our rigorous socketing process ensures that each termination can withstand the demanding conditions encountered in various applications, from cranes to drilling rigs. By providing high-quality wire rope socketing services, TRE enhances the durability and performance of our clients’ equipment, minimizing the risk of failure and ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operations. Our commitment to excellence in wire rope socketing is part of our broader dedication to delivering superior service and safety in all aspects of our business.

Wire Rope Spooling

Wire rope spooling is a crucial service that involves the precise winding of wire rope onto spools or drums, ensuring proper tension and alignment for optimal performance. At TRE, we specialize in professional wire rope spooling to prevent issues such as kinks, tangles, and uneven layering, which can compromise the rope’s integrity and functionality. Our meticulous spooling process ensures that the wire rope is evenly distributed and securely wound, which is essential for maintaining its strength and longevity during heavy-duty use in cranes, rigs, and other equipment.

Proper wire rope spooling is vital for the safety and efficiency of operations in the oil and gas industry. TRE’s expert technicians utilize advanced equipment and techniques to achieve precise spooling, tailored to the specific requirements of each project. This attention to detail helps reduce wear and tear, extend the lifespan of the wire ropes, and minimize the risk of operational failures. By ensuring that our clients’ wire ropes are perfectly spooled, TRE supports the seamless and safe execution of their lifting and rigging tasks, reinforcing our commitment to quality and reliability in all our services.

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